Michael Moore vs. Hillary Clinton (Serisousness Level: Low)

I've only seen two of Michael Moore's movies. Both controversial, both interesting: Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine . I walked away from both thinking he likes to shake things up and doesn't care who he infuriates. I personally disagree with a lot of the stuff he does, but he has a knack for making powerful, sometimes misleading documentaries. Even though he took some shots at Bill Clinton, I always assumed he would heavy endorse a Democratic candidate for President. But today I read this story and have decided that I'm glad people like MM are around. He shares most of the same views as Dennis Kucinich, but said he was running assuming he would lose. He called Sen. Obama unelectable, and dropped this bomb on Clinton: "nothing has disappointed me more than the disastrous, premeditated vote by Sen. Hillary Clinton to send us to war in Iraq — Do you want a president who is so easily misled?"

I guess it’s easy to throw stones. We need people to do this in politics from time to time, so we as a country don't follow our leadership blindly; because patriotism is misused a lot. But I wish these vocal slingshots would offer more solutions instead of just picking people off.

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