Why am I doing this? - Shannon

Well, Eric is a great writer. People love to read what he has to say. But sometimes he writes about boring stuff like sports…that’s where I come in.

My personal interests are -

  • Finance: Budgeting, Investments, Taxes, Portfolios, 401(k)s, Credit Cards, Healthcare
  • Religion: Mainly Religion and Society…unfortunately I’m not a profound theologian
  • Travel: We tend to travel a lot (this year alone – a week in Vegas, week in Colorado Mountains, a week in San Diego, Quick trips to Dover, Columbus, Austin, and Gatlinburg)
  • Quasi-Scientific Experiments: I’m a lazy scientist and I like quick results, so I’ll share some experiments that I’ve done – kind of like Myth Busters, but without blowing things up
  • Design: Photography, Architecture, Home and Graphic Design.
  • Environment: I’m a lazy environmentalist, so if its not too much work, I’m into it.
  • Television: I like TV. I’ll endorse my favorite shows.
  • Movies: Eric and I like to critique movies. Sometimes it’s interesting.

I’ll probably stick to those genres. So if you don’t like any of those things, you’ll probably hate my blog. But that’s why Eric is here – to provide a different perspective on different topics.

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