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Giuliani's Florida strategy about to be put to test

So Giuliani goes all-in with Florida. “In what many political strategists called a risky strategy, the former New York mayor essentially sat out the early contests in Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, Nevada and South Carolina and focused on Florida and its January 29 primary.” Three candidates have already passed him in the national polls. Seems like the old phrase, “Out of sight, Out of Mind”, applies pretty heavily here.

Gender or race: Black women voters face tough choices in S.C.

Yes, this was a silly story, and CNN quickly posted this follow-up story. I love politics and stereotyping.

CNN readers respond angrily to 'race or gender' story

"Within minutes of posting a story on CNN's homepage called "Gender or race: Black women voters face tough choices in South Carolina," readers reacted quickly and angrily."

Hehe, nice one CNN.

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