The Caucus for Iowa (Seriousness Level: Guarded)

Well the Iowa caucus is tomorrow and I've yet to address a lot of the candidates. So I'm beginning a marathon session of candidate intros.

I've decided to ignore Biden and Richardson, et al. until they decide the nation that they have a chance. As a side, I really like Biden's real world experience. Agenda/politics aside, he would probably have the least learning curve of any of the candidates. He would be a safe, solid choice.

I'm looking at unleashing the following over the next 24 hours:


Since most of these are sorta frontrunners, I should have time to revisit them later.

It looks as though Obama and Huckabee are the odds on favorite to win Iowa. If you're bored and want to read about the race, here is the best source I've found specifically for Iowa:

Des Moines Register - Iowa Caucuses '08

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