Does This Have Anything to do with Peak Oil?

The other day my wife and I were out and about and needed to stop and get gas. At the specific spot we were at, we had two choices: BP or Citgo. BP was about $3.00/gallon, but Citgo was only $2.74/gallon. So I decided to support Hugo Chavez and we went to Citgo.

After I pumped about 15 gallons in my high-powered Altima, I noticed something strange. The pump said I was paying $3.00/gallon. I went inside to discuss the discrepancy. The lady basically said her manager changed the pump prices, but went to the bank before changing the store signs. I tried to get a refund, but much to my surprise, they can’t take the gas back from my car. Fantastic, I love corporate dishonesty. No wonder we’re headed to a recession. So I decided to boycott Citgo, but after reading the following story, maybe I need to extended it to BP as well.

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. - A gas station clerk is accused of defrauding her boss out of nearly $50,000 by selling fuel to her family and friends for a tenth of a penny a gallon.

Police arrested 25-year-old Madeline Jordan on Sunday — along with her mother, brother, a cousin and two others — after setting up a sting at the BP station in South Charleston.

You can read the whole story here

Why can’t my friends and family be criminals?

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