Open Invitation - Ron Paul

Good evening friends. Sorry about the inconsistant posts. My job wanted me to work 65 hours last week. That wasn't condusive to blogging. If somebody wants to bankroll this project so I can sit at home, please let me know.

Anyway, here is a last minute invitation to join me tomorrow. In my last entry, I mentioned that I was offering my full services to all high-profile candidates. Well I have gotten two responses. One was from a McCain representative asking what I wanted to do. I'm working on that response.

The next politico event takes place tomorrow. I got a generic invitation to see Ron Paul's TN campaign headquarters. It opens tomorrow and they are having an open house. Below is the press release. I am going somewhere between noon and 1. If anybody wants to join, please give me a call. 615/975-5103

Dear Friends,
Our momentum is good. The local media is now very interested in our efforts. Your presence at our grand opening will be an opportunity to generate even more interest.

Please come tomorrow, Tuesday at noon and show your support for Ron Paul. If you can make it, please do. Here is our press release. Television channels 2 (ABC), 5 (CBS) and FOX 17 will be there, as well as WLAC radio and Belmont Vision Radio station. After the speeches, We are open till 8 PM for supporters to come in and train on how to help "get out the vote". So if you can only come late in the day, please come. Here's the map link:
Paul TN Headquarters

See you Tuesday,


Crazy NASCAR lady at the Ron Paul Headquarters Event said...

Well Hello Eric. So we meet again. I would love to talk to you more about the Nashville Superspeedway.

Some girls ready to eat some Ruby Tuesday's said...

Hey I'm just now reading this... did you go? We need a full report!

William Sawyer said...

Did they convince you to join the crazy side?