The Colbert Report: Who Needs Writers?

Shannon is a huge fan of the The Colbert Report and she could go on forever about it. I think it's fabulous as well. It's hard to put the show into a proper context. So instead of me rambling about it forever, here's a link to kill a few minutes and to get a good impression of the show.

Colbert's Civil Rights MLK Day Writer's Strike-Busting Writerless Show — In Song

From the Huffington Post piece:

Stephen Colbert is a great entertainer, but the reason he has resonated so strongly with audiences particularly during this administration is because he has a core of earnestness that deeply reflects a strong moral sense and a desire to educate, illuminate, and do good works. If you think I'm being overblown, all you need to do is watch last night's episode of The Colbert Report, which was uniquely inspiring, edifying and touching — all while still managing to be completely hilarious.

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Shannon Adams said...

Stephen Colbert is the greatest American that ever lived. You know if Huckabee wins the Primary, he has repeatidly asked Colbert to be his running mate.

Huckabee/Colbert 2008!