ESPN Execs: "She said WHAT?!"

I really hate political correctness. I think society has gotten to a point where we rip people apart before learning all the details or know somebody’s true heart. A while back a female golf analyst jokingly remarked that other golfers should “lynch” Tiger Woods to keep him from winning tournaments. If she would have said “shoot him” or “stab him” people would have laughed/shook their head at her and moved on. Instead she threw out a word that conjures up awful racial sentiments and all kinds of craziness broke loose.

I think it was a ridiculous word choice, but when Tiger Woods himself comes to her defense, I think we as a society have to move on. So with that said, this next story draws the exact opposite response out of me.

Here’s a brief description from an Atlantic City paper of what transpired at a roast for ESPN radio hosts Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic when Cold Pizza host Dana Jacobson took to the stage:

“ESPN anchor Dana Jacobson made an absolute fool of herself, swilling vodka from a Belvedere bottle, mumbling along and cursing like a sailor as Mike & Mike rested their heads in their hands in embarrassment. (Comedian Eddie) Griffin came to the podium to defend her after she was booed by the crowd. Ross eventually had to pull her off stage, too.”

So what in the world did this seemingly shy lady say that drew such a response? From multiple reports, she threw out these 3 bombs:
"f**k Notre dame"

"f**k touchdown Jesus"

and - the step-aside-because-lightning-is-about-to-strike… "f**k Jesus."

In a statement, Jacobson said,

"I am sorry. My remarks about Notre Dame were foolish and insensitive. I respect all religions and did not mean anything derogatory by my poorly chosen words. I also deeply regret the embarrassment I've caused ESPN and Mike and Mike. My actions at the roast were inappropriate and in no way represent who I am. I won't make excuses for my behavior, but I do hope I can be forgiven for such a poor lack of judgment."

Yeesh, where do I begin with this? I’m just going to list a couple thoughts and be done with it.

1) ESPN really tried to keep this under raps and only said something about it once a Catholic organization said something about it. Nice job sports leader.
2) If she would have said a derogatory remark about Muhammad, she would have been fired in about 3 seconds.
3) It’s crazy how two words can ruin a person’s image.
4) Its sad how mad I got when I first heard this story.
5) It’s amazing how forgiving Jesus Christ is, even when so many people don’t realize/understand his divinity.


Courtney said...

Wow, this is the first I have heard of this. Interesting.

William Sawyer said...

Good points...I agree with them all. But is "yeesh" a word?