Movie Review – Cloverfield (Second is best)

Hey. I know Eric just created a Cloverfield movie review here…but I feel like I should also.

There are always film critic duos -- Ebert AND Ropert, Robert Deniro AND Al Pacino…and now there is Eric AND Shannon. (By the way, you should check out that Deniro and Pacino link, it is hilarious)

I think the reactions from people are quite polarizing: people either love it or hate it. Cloverfield is a very different movie than anything I’ve seen. Sure, it reminds you of other films (Godzilla, The Blair Witch Project, Saving Private Ryan, and The Day After Tomorrow) but it is completely unique in its ability to combine all of these into one amazing film. Is it a horror film? Action adventure? Documentary? Romance? Comedy? Um, yes.

The biggest backlash from the movie is the shaky camera. This is to be expected. DON’T sit on the front row or you will puke everywhere. Maybe take some Dramamine before you go. Look away from the film every once in a while to let your eyes refocus. After the initial running sequence, the shakiness eases up quite a bit (which makes you wonder why they had it in there to begin with).

The film is only 84 minutes, but to be honest, I don’t think I could handle much more. It was...intense. One thing I love about good movies is how they stay in your head and you can’t stop talking about them. Cloverfield definitely has that effect. JJ Abrams is a genius. There are even funny moments within the film to lighten the mood a bit - like Hud's line "Another thing that is also terrible".

Like Eric, I can’t say much about the plot without giving the movie away. I think the moral of the story is “don’t ever leave the person you love, even for like 5 minutes...because it is going to be hard to get him/her back”.

The movie cost about 25 million to produce...which, in a CGI film that is dirt cheap. It has already made about 40 million in 3 days. So watch out you overpaid actors who make crappy movies like "Mad Money" or "First Sunday"!

I gave this movie an 9.0 on imdb.

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Husband said...

You gave it a 9? Wow, that's really high for you. You're pretty picky with movies. Good review baby.

I think everybody has to see this though. It's sooo unique.