Christmas Break

Sorry for the lame and non-existent posts. Between final papers, Christmas Parties, busy end-of-year work schedules, buying presents…we haven’t had much extra time. And now for the next week and a half we are traveling to such exotic places like: visiting our grandparents in Paoli, Indiana (for you Larry Bird fans, that is about 5 minutes away from his hometown of French Lick, Indiana)… visiting our grandparents in Beaver Dam, Kentucky (for you Bluegrass fans, it is near the hometown of Bill Monroe), and visiting our grandparents in Berea, Kentucky (they are famous for their tremendous Spoon Bread Festival).

All of these places don’t own a computer…or even 3-pronged outlets to plug in our laptop. They still think computers are a fad.

We will return in January. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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