American Gladiators (Seriousness Level: Low)

I had a pretty big flashback this week. NBC has announced that January 6th is the debut of the new American Gladiators. I, like most of guys my age remember this David vs. Goliath contest. You basically had normal Americans competing in head to head physical battles versus body builders loaded up on steroids and probably some sort of nose candy.

Personally, I always wanted to compete in Assault. It was the one where contestants tried to advance from station to station while avoiding 600mph tennis balls being shot at them. The contestants got to return fire at each station with a nerf rocket launcher, nerf crossbow, you know..high powered stuff.

What I never expected was that I would be competing in Power Ball this morning. Let me explain: Shannon and I pretty much have the best dog ever. She never barks, whines, very cuddly, etc. So much to my horror this morning, I found out that my dog loves to each rabbit poop. As she was unleashed in our fence backyard, I walked over and saw her eating small pellets of feces. Great, my dog eats poop. So I ran her off, but she just went to another spot in the yard and ate from a different pile.

What transpired over the next 5 minutes can best be described as a modified version of Power Ball. See field pics below (Yes, one is from the SNES video game):

I immediately morphed into a 2007 version of a Gladiator. Pick you favorite. I was also partial to Laser or Thunder. As such, my dog took the role of a contestant, avoiding me at all costs to score in the 4-5 different rabbit gold minds across the yard. Needless to say, I didn’t win.


Jon said...

I was always partial to the black gladiators

Christie said...

January 6th, it is on my calendar!! Lily is such a sweet dog, I never suspected she had a poop eating addiction. I am willing to participate in an intervention...just name the time.