Politics 101 (Seriousness Level: High)

In a lifelong quest to better educate myself, I’m going being a new daily series titled: “Get to know the people running for President”. But for shortness (and out or respect for Dink and Flicka) the series will be shortened to: “GTKTPRFP”.

The goal of the series will be to find the candidate I’ll be voting for. I’ll analyze the major candidates out of the 5 biggest parties in the country: Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, Green, and Constitution. Not so sure how the judging will happen, but it’ll be the same parameters for each candidate.

I’ll mix in some random daily posts, but these Daily Series posts are the ones that’ll keep me writing. Thanks to our fans so far. The best is yet to come.

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William Sawyer said...

I like the name of the post...its catchy. Great idea...I might have to steal it for D&F.