Team First (Seriousness Level: Low)

I wanted to give a quick congratulations to Brian Westbrook of the Philadelphia Eagles for his unselfish act in last night’s game. His team was up 4 with the ball against their rival Dallas Cowboys. Basically, if the team held on to the ball they were going to win the game.

Westbrook broke a run and was trotting towards the end zone. He could have easily scored and padded his stats, but instead, he headed the advice of a teammate and stopped at the one-yard-line and insured victory. If he would have scored, Dallas would have had about 2 minutes for a possible TD, 2-pt conversion/onside kick/FG to tie the game. It would have been highly unlikely, but I’ve seen crazier things happen.

Anyway, in this me-first sports world, it was nice to see a guy think of the team ahead of himself.

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